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Senior Veterinarian

Dr. Wesley Bell ATCL, BVSc, MACVSc. (Post Grad Degree in Feline Medicine).

Even as a child I knew I wanted to become a vet. I’ve been treating small animals for 40 years, and am now privileged to be treating some of my original client’s children’s pets!

I greatly enjoy my practice, and the challenging, constantly evolving science of companion animal medicine.

I‘ve been happily married 36 years to Michelle my practice manager, and we are an animal orientated family having bred Burmese for many years. I have a Burmese and a Pug at home, and we have 2 resident cats at the clinic (see Dotteril and Iggy’s profiles below) If I am not at the clinic I will be spending time on my 100 year old grand piano, or singing Bass in Ars Nova choir. My idea of a great day off is tramping in the bush round Taranaki or walking the coastal walkway......




Dr Gemma Kinross


I graduated in 2007 from Edinburgh University in Scotland. I worked 2 years in England, and then travelled down under to do 9 months in Sydney. I joined St Aubyn Vet clinic in November 2010.

When I am not working with small animals, I am keen horse rider, and enjoy anything that involves being out doors especially walking my welsh springer spaniel Talisker. I have been known to try my hand at skydiving, bungy jumping and in winter I like to hit the slopes on a snow board. I enjoy travelling the world, but at present am living beside the sea in New Plymouth.



Locum Veterinarian

Dr Ann Wood


We have had a regular locum who comes to us every second month from November to May over summer for the past 3 years. This provides continuity for our clients, and a familiar face. Ann graduated 1985 from Glasgow and has been travelling the Atlantic ever since! She does 6 months in NZ and 6 months in England successfully avoiding a NZ winter. When she is not working as a vet she is mountain biking, hiking, or both in some remote corner of the world. She has worked as a vet in out back Western Australia, and the Shetland Isles.

Her idea of a great day off from us... is to drive to Tongariro, mountain bike the traverse, and head back for a short 2 hour tramp at Lake Mangamahoe, before biking our coastal walkway before tea.




Veterinary Nurse



I have been part of the team at Moturoa for many years!

 In 1990 I gained a certificate in Animal Science and Technology after 2 years of extramural study and block courses based in Auckland.

Living on a lifestyle block around the coast I appreciate the commitment animals require. My interests  include cattle, horses and sheep, and I am a Speech Teacher in the community.



Veterinary Nurse



I have always wanted to work with and for animals. Before I became a vet nurse I worked for Hearing Dogs for deaf people. I began working for St Aubyn Vet in 2007, and completed my Diploma of Vet nursing from Otago Polytechnic in 2009, while working full time! I enjoyed the challenge that studying and extending my knowledge while working in a clinic environment provided. During the course I developed a passion for animal behaviour and nutrition.

I enjoy being a vet nurse because I can go to work, and something different happens every day! I enjoy working with a clinic cat on my shoulder or settling your pet for their stay.

At home I have 2 dogs which I love very much – Ellie, a fox terrier X and Katie a lab X. They have great enthusiasm and passion for life, keeping me entertained with their antics! My dogs are important members of my family. When not at work or playing with my four legged friends, I am on some sports field playing tennis, netball or soccer.



Veterinary Nurse



I graduated in 2010 from Massey University with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. I worked for a while as a zookeeper at Brooklands Zoo, then I was lucky enough to get my first vet nursing job here at St Aubyn Vet in May 2011.

I have always wanted to be a vet nurse and I love it!

I learn new things every day and enjoy the challenge of having no two days the same.

At home I have one dog, Baxter a labrador cross and two kittens Max and Millie, chinchilla crosses. While not working I enjoy playing netball, running, spending time with family, friends and of course all the cuddly creatures in my life.




Receptionist & Clinic Preservation


Guaranteed only 2 degrees of separation from any New Plymouth resident.

Living all my life in New Plymouth, I have been involved in many aspects of community life, bringing up my now 3 adult children. Though I don’t have any pets at home now, all my life I have lived with dogs, cats, horses, chickens and cows. The resident animals at the clinic keep me in check.

I am a keen tramper and explorer of the outdoors both locally and further afield. I enjoy gardening ( including at the clinic) of the edible and non edible variety.


Resident Feline Staff


Like the little seagull Dotterill was endangered. She arrived abandoned in a rubbish bag out of a dumpster with her 4 siblings. They still had their umbilical cords attached, so Dot was hand raised from day one. She and her siblings were nick-named the clavulox kids because they went down with every imaginable disease due to no colostrum immunity. As the smallest and friendliest she stayed on and is our second receptionist. She will be nearby to greet you when you call in.



Ignatius Horatio Bell or Iggy

Iggy is a splendid big Birman, with a laid back personality. He is a crucial member of staff and will be strategically stretched out on the floor or doorway for maximum adoration from our clients.





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