St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic


Our qualified nurses groom cats on a regualar basis. Medium and long hair cats can often get matted and are difficult to groom at home. We are able to sedate these fluffy cats to ensure a safe groom. These can be booked in for just a groom or other procedures can be carried out at the same time.

An example of a groomed cat is the image to the right, this is an adult birman shaved with boots and tail left.

A pre examination is required to ensure both client and fluffy pet are happy with the groom planned. Explain to our nurses what type of groom you would like ensures a happy outcome for everyone.

Most dogs can be done by a local qualified groomer, although we know they can get super busy so we have recently started performing basic grooms which our nurses are available to do during the weekday most days.

We reccommend Cool Clips for general grooming of dogs, please click the link and view the fantastic before and after shots of some great grooming.













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