St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic

Laboratory Services

Our clinic is fully equipped with a dedicated laboratory. Our nurses and vets are compentent in all in-house diagnostic procedures.

We have Spotchem Lab machine which is used for inhouse blood work. This establishes where your pet is in the normal range. This is especially important for geratric pets for diagnosing clinical disease.

Bloods tests can be performed in as little as 15minutes this is ideal in an emergency situation as it provides immediate information. This machine is most commonly used for pre-anaesthetic blood testing which provides essential information on overall health of our patients, making us aware of any precautions needed before going under anaesthesia. We are also equiped with a microscope which enables us to examine cytology of skin and ear scrapings and blood smears.

Any tests we are unable to do in house such as specialized haemotolgy and pathology are sent to a sophisticated commercial veterinary diagnostic laboratory, we generally see results back the following day.

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