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Microchipping is available at our clinic, please telephone for an appointment (06) 751 3000.
The ideal time to implant a microchip is when we desex your pet, but it can also be done during consultation.
Microchipping is available for both dogs and cats and is beneficial for both
  • Microchips identify your pet.
  • It is a permanent method of identification. The microchip will stay with your pet for life.
  • Identification information can be easily updated on the companion animal register. As the information is kept on a database, it is a simple matter to update your details whenever you move or your number changes.
  • There is less chance that someone will steal your pet. As a microchip is a permanent record that you’re pet belongs to you.
  • There is less chance that you will lose your pet. When a pet has a microchip, it increases the chances of your pet being returned.
The companion animal register is an online database which all vets and RSPCA staff have access to, therefore is a sure way to return a missing pet back to their owner. The registration fee is one off and is for the life of your pet. Both cats and dogs are able to be registered, although dogs are still required to be registered with the local council. Microchipping is required to register your dog (if born after July 2006).
New Legislation
“All dogs first registered on or after 1 July 2006, and all dogs classified as dangerous or menacing since 1 December 2003 will be required to be microchipped. Dangerous and menacing dogs classified before 1 July 2006, will need to be microchipped within two months of that date. Dogs released from pounds after 1 July 2006 will also be required to be microchipped, if impounded for the second time by the territorial authority. Territorial authorities will be required to participate in a national dog control database that will contain the records/information specified in sections 30 and 34 of the Dog Control Act. Territorial authorities can be levied to meet the on-going cost of the database. Regulations will be made to govern the type of microchip to be used and the procedure for insertion.”

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